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Papa Diouf

Writer | Business Strategist. 

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About Papa Diouf

Writer, Blogger, Teacher, Motivator. Love Helping people discover their own gifts in life, stretching themselves to change, to improve their life, cause A better me and A Better You is a better world. I think it's a duty for each of us to leave this world better than how we found it. I have created this web page to share creatives ideas with the world to fight hunger and poverty. Empty pockets never held anyone back only empty heads and empty hearts can do that Feel free to contact me so we can change the world


     Born and Raised in Senegal, West Africa, migrated to the USA in 1999 in pursuit of better education in the field of Computer science. I have been very blessed to come here in the USA, was a life changer for me, my beliefs in life change for the better. I understand what it takes to win in Life, what you need to be doing in order to move your life forward, opportunities, technologies, coaching, books are at your disposal compared to where I am from. My aim in life is to create these opportunities for others. Build Libraries, sponsor kids, open up computer labs where people can come and get educated. The only way to fight hunger or poverty in these third world countries is to educate the people, motivate them, open their eyes, teach them skills, a trade their can use to make create revenue for themselves. the world is Flat Now. Be creative.

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